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Indonesian police are investigating the case of a young woman who claims she became pregnant by a gust of wind and gave birth an hour later.

Siti Zainah, 25, gave birth to the baby girl last week in the town of Cianjur in the southern Indonesian province of West Java.

The baby that Siti gave birth to. Credit: Newsflash
The baby that Siti gave birth to. Credit: Newsflash

Siti told local media she was in her living room when she became pregnant from the wind and within an hour had given birth.

Siti was quoted as saying: “After afternoon prayer, I was lying face down and then suddenly I felt a gust of wind enter my vagina.”

Siti said that 15 minutes later she began to experience pain in her stomach which grew bigger and bigger and then she went to a community health clinic and gave birth.

Credit: Newsflash

The director of Cidaun’s community clinic, Eman Sulaeman, said: “I went to the location with the sub-precinct chief and district head. The mother and baby are in a healthy condition and the birth process was normal.

“The baby’s gender is female and she weighs 2.9 kilogrammes.”