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The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA ) Lagos Chapter has reacted with an update of the alleged murder of a lawyer, Mrs Destiny Ikpeama by her husband due to recurrent domestic violence.

An update compiled by the Program Officer Adaeze Nkokelonye reads;

Update of the Case between Mr Anthony Ikpeama and his deceased wife’s family who alleged she died as a result of Domestic Violence, as confirmed by the

This case is between Mr. Anthony Ikpeama and his late wife’s family late Mrs Adaeze Destiny John Ikpeama.

The brother who has lived with the couple since she got married alleged that his sister had been in an abusive marriage until death.

The deceased until her death was 32 weeks pregnant.

They have been married for the past 4years and since then the husband abused her.

What caused the incident was that she sometimes in March 2021 the husband asked the deceased wife not to sleep upstairs in their Matrimonial bed. After few minutes Mr Anthony Ikpeama called the deceased wife to come upstairs again…she refused, he went downstairs dragged her together with their son and daughter, at that point he started punching her on the stomach, beat her up, smashed her phone on the ground telling her she is being deceived by women that fight for their rights. He also destroyed the television upstairs. This was corroborated by her brother and mother who the deceased confided in.

After that beating, the deceased wife started having pains. The brother who was away for work called the deceased severally to no avail. And on March 3rd 2021 , he came to the deceased having not heard from her, she complained of body pains and would need to go to the hospital. The brother asked her since she already knew that she was in an abusive marriage that there was need to work away…she however told the brother her plans of leaving after giving birth.

I was informed of this case on Sunday, we were able to submit a petition to the AIG zone 2, who in his wisdom directed a DCP in Panti to take over the case and report to him all details.

We got to the DCP at Panti and have been given a team that is currently taking statement and also, they have sent signal to move the suspect to Panti from Ajah Police Station.

The police here have sent signal to retrieve the corpse for medical autopsy and also are willing to move and secure the CCTV and other evidence from the hospital and the home.

The suspect is in detention at Panti and not on Bail as some persons are saying.

The team working on this matter is capable and promises all Nigerians that we are working for justice for all, Justice for Nigeria, Justice for our dear Destiny and Justice for the husband.


In line with their mandate, FIDA Lagos further condemns the recent gruesome murder of Mrs. Adaeze Ikpeama in the strongest possible language, they say.